Friday, October 16, 2009

The Book Blog: Beginning the Blog

Hi, My name is John and welcome to my new book blog. I love to read. This blog is going to be devoted to the books that I have read recently. I am going to write short reviews about what I think about the books as well as a short synopsis and review. The genres that I am most interested in are (in no particular order) YA, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Noir, Mystery, Comic Books, Serious Literature, and Classics. I read a broad number of genres and am obsessed with reading all the Newbery Winners and Runner Ups, Hugo Award Winners, Nebula Winners, and all good books. I read at least a couple of books a week and sometimes three or four. I will post what I am currently reading and then review what I have finished recently. Hope I get a few followers in the process.

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